Tuesday, February 8, 2011

January evolving

2011 has started out just fine for us ID Grazianos, although quite busy at that.
Jordan's hair is now blue. Not just any blue, but a peacock shade of blue and actually, it's pretty darn cute.

From Blue Hair

Jay is doing better in school and enjoyed doing the sound and costumes for the school play this past month. She loves theater class and is making plans to go to Scottland in 2012 on a theater group trip to the Fringe festival, her group will be performing there.
A few weeks ago we took a trip to Portland to meet a dog we were thinking of adopting. While there we stayed with our good friend Colette and it was wonderful to spend time with her.
From Portland 011511

My Mom drove up from Eugene and we enjoyed walking around, window shopping and just spending time together. Cobi and I found some alone time to wander around the Chinese gardens which we stumbled across during our walking tour of the old and pearl districts of Portland.
From Portland 011511

From Portland 011511

Our main purpose being to see if the girls would get along with the prospective new dog, we met him on Saturday morning and the rescue group said that if the board of directors approved our application and we could arrange for a home visit (this is where a non-partial third party inspects your house) on Sunday, we could possibly take him home with us on Monday. So I rallied and thanks to Lori with the Great Dane Boise Meetup group- who did our home visit- we got word late Saturday night that we could take him home. So we bought a collar, leash and toys for the ride home and named him Stanley.
Stanley on the ride home- he did great!
From Portland 011511

Stanley now at home
From Pets 02052011

So now we're home. We met up with the Boise Great Dane Group last week and enjoyed meeting other great dane owners, as well as giving Lori many hugs for helping us in Stanley's adoption. Stanley is integrating fairly well. He has many health issues but we are addressing them and hopefully he will be feeling 100% in no time.
Some great news we'd love to share is that our nephew Kai Graziano has had a great MRI this past week. His tumor has shrunk 80% and he will not have to do any more chemo treatments. Kai has been such a trooper through this whole process and we are so happy that his health is improving.
School for me has started back up as well. The semester is going good, it includes much driving and studying so unfortunately, not much room for anything else. I think we're all a bit stir crazy for spring but hopefully in a few weeks we can get up into the hills and alleviate some of our cabin fever.

We hope all our family is doing well and enjoying life.
~Jacobi, Kyme, Jordan, Aika, CeeCee, Stanley, Oscar and Sierra!

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