Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summertime fun

Seems like so much time has slipped past in the blink of an eye.
Jordan turned 16 on July 6. Wow, 16!

Here is a picture from when she was two -

From Jordan

and one from her 16th birthday.

From 07022011

Hard to believe that grinning toddler would turn into the lovely young lady that she has. She is gearing up for her junior year in high school. This one is going to be the hard one. Now she is rethinking the trip to Scottland next summer as well since the organizing group has not done any fundraising this summer and the school year is fast approaching. So we're looking into foreign exchange programs or work abroad programs instead of the theater trip. As well, she has saved up quite a sum of money and is thinking of getting her driver's license and purchasing a scooter. I'm just amazed that she is at this point in her life, it's quite exciting to be thinking about college, driving and traveling. We are so proud of her.

My good friend Lisa moved back east a few weeks ago to her home in upstate NY. Before she left Idaho we went for a hot springs camping trip that was truly wonderful. We had a great time hiking, spending time at camp and sitting in the hot springs. I tried my best to get her to stay but she has other adventures to find and I wish her the best of luck in doing so, even though I miss her tons and tons!

Cobi and I took a weekend to ourselves last week and went up to Redfish Lodge. It was so wonderful to have a weekend to ourselves and we truly enjoyed the time we spent camping, hiking, hot springing and just lounging around in the woods together.
Here are some pictures from our trip:
View from our tent
From Stanley 07112011
Sitting in camp
From Stanley 07112011
Hiking to Yellow Belly Lake
From Stanley 07112011
Listening to Bearfoot at Redfish Lake Lodge
From Stanley 07112011
Hiking near Redfish creek waterfall and lily lake
From Stanley 07112011
Lily Lake
From Stanley 07112011
Hot springs in Stanley
From Stanley 07112011

We hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far as are we. We have filled our time with BBQs with friends, school and work but also some downtime. We will continue to take bike rides, do some camping, play Kan Jam in the park and enjoy the good weather.
Much love and joy!

The Idaho Grazianos