Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Rock??

So this past week was busy but we were settling into fall. On Tuesday I started the Citizen's Law Academy which is an open forum law class taught by judges, attorneys and other court associates. We stuck out the week at work and home, then come Saturday we went back to the quarry to help Mark and Jody get some more rock for their yard. Seems that we got our friends addicted to that red sandstone as well. :D
Sunday morning I had invited some friends for a hike up Dry Creek north of town. It ended up, everyone slept in (like I would have done with Cobi had I known I was the only one who would show up). Aika and I decided since we were there we may as well hike. It was a wonderful morning as we watched the sun rise up over the hills. After getting home and relaxing for some time, Jay, Cobs and I cleaned house to help prepare for next weekend when we will be getting ready for our trip to CA!!!! :D
Hope you all have a great weekend, we miss you all SOOO much!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Long Week This Autumn

The week opened up slow enough. We came home from camping and went to work tired with happy souls. On Tuesday a coworker stuck her head into my office and said that she would cover gas if I drove to Elko to see Obama speak. So, 4am Wednesday we headed out of town and into the desert. We arrived in Elko around 8:30am and got into the line to get into the podium area. After waiting, and waiting, and waiting we were frisked, walked through a metal detector and showed to a seat at a green picnic table. The talk was short but inspirational and an amazing piece of history to witness.

From Elko 09172008

From Elko 09172008

After the speech we got some lunch and were back on the road. Of course I did grab some geocaches on the way home but we ended up making it back around 7:30pm, VERY TIRED!! The rest of the week we took Jordan to the dentist and worked while trying to do a good job through the sleepiness.
On Saturday we awoke to huge thunderstorms which is odd in the morning. They rolled right over our head and were so loud!! It poured rain all day on Saturday so we spent most of the day laying low, only going out briefly to support a new Scentsy consultant at her open house.
Sunday we took it easy in the morning but went on a long and playful bike ride with our friends Mark and Jody. We went all over downtown and along the river. It was fun. We hope that everyone had a great week and we are counting down the days until our trip to CA!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September Sunshine

Well here we are in the brunt of autumn and our blazing maple hasn't even started to turn, which is fine with us since that would mean doing yardwork. So we've been out enjoying the great weather.
The week went by with a Scentsy party and much work around the house to prepare for the weekend camping trip to Stanley with our friends Mark and Jody. There was much hemming and hawing as the 25ish projected night temps tried to scare one or another of us from bearing the woods. But come Friday night we had all steeled our resolve and packed extra socks and down comforters and headed up to Stanley. We were NOT sorry by far.
Kyme and Aika watching the sunset at Stanely lake

From Autumn 08

Cobi resting during our hike and geocaching.
From Autumn 08

We went on a long hike on Saturday and rested in the evening, well, drank rum and talked and laughed around the campfire Saturday evening. Then awoke to a beautiful, cold lake Sun morning.
From Autumn 08

From Autumn 08

Cobi and I took the opportunity to do some yoga and start the morning softly. Then we all had a lovely breakfast by campfire before packing up and heading out geocaching and hot springing on our way home.
From Autumn 08

We rolled into the driveway many caches later around dusk on Sunday, unpacked, took that "AHHHHHH" after camping shower and fell fast asleep only to rudely face Monday morning. Oh well, the week will go by and then...another adventure?!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Art in the Park

This week went by quickly after the holiday weekend. On Monday we did go to a BBQ at Mark and Jodi's house.

From Autumn 08

Work was fast and furious. We finally got around to getting Jordan some school clothes and ordered new glasses.
Friday night was mellow movie night and Jordan had a friend over. In the evening we had a fire in the firepit which was very nice and relaxing.
Saturday we took it easy in the morning then met up with Mark and Jodi and their grandson Mason to walk the local art festival, Art in the Park.
From Autumn 08

From Autumn 08

It was neat to see all the various artists but after walking all the booths we were pretty tired. So headed home for a nap before our last night of Shakespeare. We saw Greater Tuna which was pretty un politically correct and funny as well as an amazing expose of the two actors who played the whole cast of characters themselves.
Sunday we really felt like fall is setting in. We stayed home and hung out with the critters, did some housework and cleaned out closets as well as watched some football. It is nice to be settling down again and we hope to enjoy the autumn and many more relaxing weekends.
We love and miss you all so very much and hope to see and talk with you soon.