Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time Flies by and by

So it's been forever since I've blogged. Not that we haven't had the downtime comparatively just that it hasn't been a priority.
What have we been up to? Quite a bit as usual. We've hosted many travelers this past fall including a great band from New Mexico, The Albuquerque Boys' Choir. They were gracious enough to sing to us in our dining room this most beautiful acapella song.
Other than hosting travelers we had a wonderful holiday season as we hope most everyone did. We were blessed with much love and grace during the entire holidays and into the new year.
This new year has brought us into a time of cleansing and renewal as we are eating much better and more consciously. We are being mindful of our impact in the world and placing our energy where we feel we may do the most good. The past month has brought us joy and much love and we are truly thankful for it. We all three have been practicing yoga on a regular basis and walking more often, enjoying the time and space we have here. On the 21st we also became auntie, uncle and cousin to new baby Kai Graziano born to Cobi's brother Gioi and his wife Maggie. We are happy to welcome our new nephew and anxious to meet him soon.
On a less nebulous note, Jordan is doing very well and is happy to have finished the semester. Only one semester left before she's in high school (gulp!). Not sure where the last 14 years went but there they go.
Our plans for this year already are shaping up. I will be in Chicago for a long weekend in February and our family will be heading to Southern California in March, Jordan may be headed to Seattle for a visit after that.
I hope to keep up on our blog a bit better this year but alas, time gets away from us all once in awhile.
Much love and peace to everyone reading this. We are thankful for your love and presence in our lives.