Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where is Spring???

So we have been wanting to work in the yard, really, but it's a bit hard when there is snow and rain all the time and it's cold! So we've been out walking the dogs as well as getting ready for our trip in April.
Here we went out with Eric, Emily and Chester for a nice walk in Barber Park where the kids got to run and play quite a bit.
Our girls:

From 03012009

Aika, Ceecee and Chester:
From 03012009

The new spring Scentsy catalog is out and fun filled with new smells and warmers. I donated some Scentsy baskets to the Susan G Komen auctions. They turned out so cute!
From 03012009

Last weekend it actually snowed! We went for a walk to let the girls play in the white stuff one last time (we hope) before the spring and summer take hold.

CeeCee loves snowballs!
From 03082009

Last weekend we also obtained a fun new toy. After seeing Watchmen at the theatre we were tooling around downtown and stepped into a shop where we found the record player we had been eyeing online. It's a cute little number, portable and has a usb port that we can hook up to the computer and record tracks from album into MP3s. It is sweet.
From 03082009

Yesterday we went around to all the thrift stores near our house and picked up some great vinyl. We found a copy of Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison which we are listening to right now. It's amazing how fun the sound of vinyl is when you have some old blues albums to put on.
Well, we're counting down the days until we leave for our trip, down to 27 now. We'll spend the next couple weekends getting prepared and resting up then it's off to the tropics. Take care!