Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011 from Idaho -aka- Closure

Yes, it's been forever since I've blogged- but here it is in a nutshell:
Last fall, I began taking classes toward a nursing degree, then my stepfather passed away after a long stay in the hospital and multiple surgeries. I spent the rest of the semester playing catch up and finished with great grades, very worn out but wonderfully supported by an amazing family.
So, now it's 2011. I'm applying for the nursing program (cross your fingers, toes and eyes!) Jordan is finishing up her first semester of high school and Cobi just received a raise and kudos at work. Here we go ready for our New Year and a wonderful one at that.
To recap recent events....

In July, We painted our bedroom wall red and placed Cobi's pictures of our furry kids on the wall. We were planning on putting a photo of Jordan in the middle but decided on a black and white of Stanley instead.

In August, we brought a new kitten, Sierra, into our family; painted a wall in Jordan's room purple and Jordan and I took an awesome mother/daughter trip to Stanley, ID. We camped for a few days hitting many hot springs along the way. Then spent two nights at Redfish Lake Lodge. There were tons of thunderstorms but we had a great time at the lake inbetween outbursts, made new friends, boated the lake and listened to a wonderful band, Bearfoot. Later in August, Cobi, Aika and I went on a mellow camping trip with our friends Mark and Jody. Cobi put the "finishing" touches on refinishing the deck. August was the wonderful calm before the storm.

Sierra Bear
Janey's new wall color
Camp, BLM land near a few hard to reach hot springs
Westpass Hot spring. We sat soaking up an amazing summer thunderstorm while waiting for the lime green water to cool down long enough for a soak. Heavenly!
Bowery hot spring. Yes, that's a hot tub- you hike into this one too, it's priceless.
Cooking scones for breakfast at camp
Jordan soaking in Slate Creek Hot Springs
Bearfoot in front of Redfish Lake! Awesome way to see bluegrass music.
Jane and I at Redfish Lake Lodge
boating at sunset with our new found friends on Redfish, this is the far end of the lake.
Chinook Salmon at the hatchery near Redfish Lake- this is a wild born returning, great news!
Mark and Sierra (Mark and Jody's dog) at camp
Finished Deck!!

In September, I started school and went to Portland.
Mom and I at OHSU, we took the arial tram to get some fresh air

In Portland, I met a wonderful couchsurfing hostess, Collette. She took me in and hosted me through the process of saying goodbye to Jeremiah and supporting my Mom through his death. This woman is truly one of the most amazing people I will ever know.

The rest of September and beginning of October were spent playing catch up in school. Once I got to a point where I truly needed some time away from the computer and my textbooks, Cobi and I took a short camping trip to Burgdorf hot springs. Much needed spiritual recharging! We had the pool all to ourselves in the morning and went on a hike later in the day. The owners were very kind in letting us explore the old barn and grounds.

In October we had Jeremiah's memorial, which was hard but gave us all a perspective of the preciousness of life.
my mother and I at the memorial
my mother Gen, me, my sister Katherine, my then purple haired daughter Jordan and my little brother Ky after the memorial.

In November, I didn't look away from school- at all. We celebrated our third wedding anniversary, had family over for Thanksgiving. It was a fairly busy month without photos. :)

Then, December 1st, it snowed and snowed. Cobi went to California to visit his family after we received the news that our nephew Kai has a neuroblastoma in his abdomen. Then Christmas, our birthdays and New Years.
Notice the snow in the backyard is as high as the deck?
Kai and Jacobi at San Diego Children's hospital
the lunar eclipse
the girls helping Jordan open her presents
the girls opening their stocking
Sierra's first Christmas- the cats' opening their stocking
Jordan opening her stocking

Yesterday, Jordan went with a new hair color and it's actually really beautiful. Today, January 2, we went to Kirkham hot springs to have a soak. Soaking away the old year and bringing the new year in with a trip to Idaho's wilderness during the winter. It having just been new years, the hot spring was surrounded by all sorts of trash but after a cleanup, we had an amazing two hour soak with the spring all to ourselves!!
The list of what we found at Kirkham- remarkable!!
6 keystone light cans, 1 Coors light can, 1 Corona bottle, 1 box of graham crackers, lots of trash. 1 pair of glasses, 4 lighters, 1 pair of undies, 1 jug of water, 2 towels, 1 pair of shoes, 3 socks- all different, 1 lacy pink bra, 2 black T-shirts, 1 pair of boxer shorts, 1 bathrobe, 1 women's swimsuit bottom, 1 sweatshirt, 1 tank top and a lanyard with two carkeys and a housekey attached. Wow! we missed one heck of a party, thankfully. :) We also saw much wildlife including tons of dear, lots and lots of elk, merganzers, ravens, two swainsons hawks, a red tail hawk, FOUR bald eagles and one huge, majestic golden eagle. It was quite the beginning to the year.

Happy Dog!
Lots O' Elk!
Young bucks. :)
Idaho winter road
Rugged winter wonderland

On New Year's Day we had brunch as a family and decided on our family vacation this year, we'll be heading to Northern Cali and the redwoods in late August (some foreshadowing here). We wish you all a safe, happy and wonderfully prosperous year for 2011. I'll try to blog again before summer break, but no promises. :)

Much love and joy,
~ The Idaho Grazianos

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Clover said...

Yay! So happy to have this window to you. What a beautiful young woman Jordan is. :) Your mom looks fantastic! But I am very sorry to hear about your stepdad. Looking forward to reading more.