Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer already?

Wow, this year is flying by already. School is out for both Jordan and I, she's job hunting and I'm taking classes during the summer term, however, we are enjoying a little bit of a more relaxed schedule and have had time to actually see our friends which is nice.

The yard is looking great and we have all been enjoying spending our evenings eating out back and playing yard games or just chilling.

Last weekend we took a quick trip to California to visit family. It was too short a visit but we enjoyed the time we did have with everyone.
Jacobi eating In-n-Out on the beach in Carlsbad
Jacobi, Momma, Jordan and I at the beach in Carlsbad
Taquitz Falls outside of Palm Springs, CA. We hiked in and videotaped the hike to show Aunt Betty. She would bring groups of children up here in the 50's and 60's as the activity guide for the Shadow Mountain Club. The hike was beautiful and we truly enjoyed having Aunt Betty "with" us for the hike.
Jordan and I resting on our way out from Taquitz Falls
Jordan playing Aunt Betty's Accordion
The ID Grazianos and the CA Grazianos at the Living Desert near Palm Springs
Baby Zebra!!
On our way home we had a layover in Phoenix. Gramma Williams (Kyme's Grandmother, Jordan's Great Gramma), Aunt Betsy (Paul's Sister, Kyme's Aunt) and Katherine (Kyme's Cousin) all met us at the airport for dinner. It was wonderful to see them all!

After returning home from Cali, we put up a new hummingbird feeder per Aunt Betty's instruction. I put the feeder up (with Aunt Betty's recipe inside), went inside to get a book and when I walked outside, scared our first hummingbird away from feeding. Yep, that quick. She has been back many times ever since and there are now two black chinned hummingbirds feeding regularly.

This past weekend was my first CNA class and I purchased my first set of scrubs for school. :) So it's becoming more and more real as I learn how to take vitals and have to practice on anyone who visits us. Fun and interesting to be on this path, thanks for everyone's continuing support.
From Scrubs

Summer is going by quickly already and although we've adapted our plans to be mostly homebound, we will plan on some camping and hiking adventures here and there. Much love and joy to you all!

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Robinson said...

I didn't see the baby zebra! How awesome! Great pics of everyone and especially your hummingbird..